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How It Works?

Here are the 3 working steps on success.


How to Get Started

To schedule an appointment, call (877) 733-4522 or send us an email. Before your appointment you will need your physician to fill out a laboratory Test Requisition Form. Make sure to have this signed form the day of your test. Bring your requisition form to one of our convenient laboratory draw centers. To find a location near you, call (877) 733-4522.


Pay a Bill

Make a Payment To make our medical lab services easier to use we now offer a secure online payment service.


Patient Test Results

Quality Results with a Fast Turn-Around Depending on the test administered and the state in which you reside, you will be notified of test results within 1-2 days. In some states, such as New York, we are required to send test results to your doctor.

Preparing for Your Test

Many diagnostic tests require preparation beforehand. Before any laboratory test, your physician should discuss these details with you. Always follow the directions of your physician before any medical diagnostic test.


What testing do you provide? Accu Reference provides a full range of laboratory testing and diagnostic screening. Our capabilities range from routine testing, such as cholesterol tests, to highly complex tests that are used to diagnose genetic conditions or cancers.

What We Do?

Test Categories


  Accu Reference Medical Lab offers a complete spectrum of diagnostic microbiology services. Anaerobic Culture Blood Culture Body Fluid Culture with gram . . .

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This extensive rheumatology menu combined with our medical expertise and client services makes a winning combination. Complete Blood Count (CBC): includes wh . . .

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Flow Cytometry

Accu Reference Medical Lab offers a full flow cytometry service to aid in the evaluation of a variety of clinical problems such as: Lymphoma/leukemia, Immunodef . . .

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General Health

offers a wide range of services to assist physicians in the diagnosis and management of a broad range of general health issues. Whether you’re looking for a con . . .

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Pain Management

Accu Reference Medical Lab provides current and comprehensive testing to complement your routine pain management offerings, including: Antidepressants Panel, Bu . . .

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Infectious Diseases

Accu Reference Medical Lab offers the latest technology for infectious disease advanced testing, spanning serology, microbiology, virology, and molecular diagno . . .

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Laboratory Test Directory - Accu Reference Medical Lab is committed to providing up-to-date test options to assist you in identifying HIV-infected patients.

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Vitamin & Nutritional Testing

These lab tests measure blood or urine levels of various vitamins, and are helpful in diagnosing vitamin deficiencies or an excess or overabundance of particula . . .

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